Wednesday, 30 April 2008

May Day concerts

Every year on May Day there are concerts on the main square of Olomouc for free. Tomorrow's program looks pretty good and I'm especially looking forward to seeing Čankišou and Traband. Here's a sample for you...

Tomáš Kočko and Orchestra



Ivan Hlas


and last but not least (at 7pm for those of you within travelling distance), Traband.


Michael Svec said...

Loved the YouTube videos. I almost felt like I was back on the Horni Namesti listening to the performances. For some reason the Kocko video made me think of Freud. Perhaps I need to smoke a cigar and ponder that some more.

Captain Oddsocks said...

I think Mr Kocko is from Frydek-Mistek, just around the corner from Mr Freud's home town Pribor.

Maybe it's something in the North-Moravian water?

Or maybe it's just all the pretty girls up there ;-) ?