Friday, 24 August 2007

Three days, five festivals.

Here's a photo from Ječmínek's Kingdom-the Festival of Puppetry and Street theatre, underway in Olomouc until tomorrow (Sat 25th). There have been performances at three venues, including the main square. Everything is free, including concerts by Čankisou, the Děda Mládek Illegal Band and tomorrow night, Lokopala, from Portugal.

This weekend is amazingly busy in Central Moravia, festival-wise. Helfštýn castle is hosting Hefaiston; the annual international festival of artistic blacksmithing, Bouzov castle is expecting around twenty hot-air balloons for their annual festival, Sovinec is hosting a martial arts weekend and the annual Slavnosti is on at Náměst na Háne. Phew!


Mark said...

How are the daytrippers going to choose between those?!

Michael said...

Looks like my timing was out again. Still, I got to see the Slovaks take a beating ;)