Friday, 17 June 2011

Where the Czech...? #152

Who recognises this town's main square?


jay said...

Ohhh, it is back :-)

Looks like Krnov.

Sue Hayton said...

Don't know where it is but good to see you back!!!

Captain Oddsocks said...

It is Krnov, well done Jay.

Thanks, Sue :-)

lotsofjoy said...

Hope you don't mind me leaving a comment here, but there is one of your photos on igo ugo, called "Iron Curtain" that I would love to be able to use as part of an ebook cover that I'm trying to put together. Would you allow us to use it, royalty free? We could afford to pay a little bit (think prices... not gettyimages.


Captain Oddsocks said...

Please send me an email to with a link to the exact photo that you mean, Lotsofjoy.