Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Prague tourists vandalise clock

Interesting article in the news today about a group of foreign visitors to Prague.

The article said that around four o' clock this morning a group of five tourists (two Spaniards, two Americans and one Irishman) paused in front of the town hall and took out their cameras.

A masterwork of 14th century artwork and engineering, the Astronomical Clock is one of only two in the Czech lands and they haven't been making any more since around the end of the Middle Ages. Along with Prague Castle and Charles' Bridge, the Astronomical Clock is one of the most recognisable and invaluable historical monuments not only in the city of Prague but in the entire country.

So no surprise that people might pause in front of it and take out their cameras. These guys though weren't interested in imagining themselves back to medieval Prague or admiring the surface beauty of the carvings and artwork adorning the clock. While four of the group prepared their cameras, the fifth tore the steel top from a nearby rubbish bin and flung it at the clock, severing the arm of the intricately sculpted Astronomer figure.

I guess he thought the photos would look cool on his Facebook page, but to find out for sure we'll have to wait until he's finished explaining it to the Police, who were on the scene within minutes.

*Update-The group of five people were released after being questioned and Police are now searching for an "unknown vandal".

Whatever happened to the idea that when you travel abroad, you should be on your best behaviour because you're an ambassador for your own country?

*If the "unknown vandal" turns out to be Czech, I'll happily concede that the idea may be alive and well. But people who throw rubbish bins at 600 year old sculptures are twats, no matter their nationality.


Francie said...

Jeez, that's shameful.

tuckova said...

That's horrific. I hope they're able to repair the damage. Did you see the guy that climbed up on St. Vaclav? He hurt himself rather than the statue, but still... I don't understand what people are thinking! Or rather, why they aren't thinking.

Karen said...

I'm appalled. And even more appalled two are American.

Captain Oddsocks said...

Evening news says the Police have released all five of those suspects and are now looking for "an unknown vandal", so it seems the five kids they picked up were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Eso said...

Captain Oddsocks: they were in the wrong place at the wrong time and also very, very drunk. :)