Friday, 4 December 2009

Where the Czech...? #121

This town has been on Where the Czech before. Do you recognise or remember it?


Allan and Monika said...

Damn, I am sitting in Dubai with 4 Czechs, including one Archaeology graduate who has just correctly answered about 40 of the previous "Where in the Czech..." but no idea on this one!
All we reckon is that it could be small town in Morava.

Brett said...

how about Telc?

Captain Oddsocks said...

'Small town in Moravia' is right, and 'Telč' is even righter.

The typical photos always show the arcade-fronted houses, and it's a bit odd to see Telč without them isn't it?

Well done to you both and to the archaeology grad for the other 40 ;-)

Francie said...

Was about to leave a comment saying I haven't been to this town until I read the others and realised where it was. I was probably even with you when you took the photo, how embarrassing!