Friday, 31 July 2009

Where the Czech...? #103

Does anybody know where this church is?


vivian said...

Sts Peter & Paul in Brno?

Captain Oddsocks said...

Well done Vivian, that's it precisely.

I know it's the most prominent monument in the country's second largest city, but I was hoping the odd angle and light would make this one a bit challenging.

Tough one next week...;-)

vivian said...

I remember having a problem trying to get a photo that suited the odd angle and light made it distinctive to me. I almost didn't answer because it is so well known. I thought likely that it only reminded me of Brno because there are so many places in the CR I have not been. Always enjoy the challenge. Waiting patiently for one from Litomerice. :-)

Captain Oddsocks said...

There was a photo of Litomerice way way back in week 14, but hang in there because I do run out of photos and have to double up on destinations from time to time...;-)