Monday, 3 November 2008

Romano Hip Hop

Last Wednesday I saw at the U-Klub in Olomouc, in a double concert with the more traditonal Gypsy band Terné Chave, from Hradec Králové. I like both bands, but they're quite different and lots of people either left after the first or didn't arrive until the second band was about to begin.

I think the highlight of the night was Radoslav Banga explaining why he sings so high; when he was young his idols were Bruce Lee and Michael Jackson-his mother was always telling him not to squeal and scream so much all the time or he'd be stuck with that voice forever, and you can guess how the story ends...

He then went on to beatbox Billie Jean. I'd be sharing that clip with you if I'd taken my camera, but Romano Hip Hop is their most popular song. So far., Romano Hip Hop, 2006.

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