Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Where the Czech...? #47

Praded communications tower. Praded is the highest mountain in Moravia Anybody know where this is?


kamilkovat said...

It looks like Praděd to me or at least it is very similar... :)

sansIcarus said...

Is that Prague's prototype torch for their 2020 Olympic bid?

Captain Oddsocks said...

Sorry Icarus, Kamila has this one and she was quicker.
Well done Kamilkovat!

For anyone who hasn't heard of it Praděd is Moravia's highest mountain, peaking at 1491 metres above sea level.That's about 110 metres less than Sněžka, which is the highest mountain in the country.

The telecommunictions tower pictured was built on the peak in the 1970's.

Michael Svec said...

Yikes, that was fast. Perhaps I need another visit back to CZ to sharpen my skills. Besides I have not yet been to Litomysl and I hear that is a top ten attraction. Wonder if there is any place I could stay? Hmmm.