Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Where the Czech...? #17

I was planning to write about traditional Christmas markets today, but as you can see, there's some kind of problem with the code of the blog that makes the text so small as to be almost invisible. Something to do with the accommodation finder that I thought might be useful for some of you and overlapping CSS styles *eyes glaze over*.

Anyway, I'll get that solved or ditch it and in the meantime offer up another Where the Czech...? One that I think might be a little more difficult...but I guess you'll all be the judge of that!

Anybody know where it is?

I'll try to get this text size solved and will post about Christmas markets on Sunday. If you're in the mood for reading now you might like to take a sneak peak at the trial version of my new website OutsidePrague.Com You're the first ones to know about it because it was just published today so let me know what you think...

Bye until Sunday, captain oddsocks


Katie said...

Great new site! I especially like the section on Adršpach-Teplice. Keep up the good work!

ester said...

oh, i think i know! and it's not even moravia, is it?
it was still grey and ugly when i was there last time (so i'm not really sure) but the arcades look familiar...

Captain Oddsocks said...

Opočno it is! Well done again Ester!

I thought I'd use that photo because it's been in the news recently with the struggle for ownership between the old aristocratic family and the state.

I must do a score-check again soon, but I think it's something like Michael-6 or 7, Ester-3, everybody else-1.

Katie, thanks! The new site is very much a trial version, but I was impatient to publish it. Amazing how the small errors (like Februrary) were so hard to see on my own computer, but so glaring on the net!

Michael said...

It doesn't look like I'll be in the lead for much longer at this rate.
I had a look at the new site - it looks great. If you need any help with places in Bohemia - and only Bohemia ;) - just let me know.

Captain Oddsocks said...

You might be in the lead for a shorter time than we both thought, Michael. The official scorecheck results:
Michael 5 (Litomerice, K.Hora, Pardubice, Ostrava, Nachod)
Ester 3 (Opocno, Jihlava, Mikulov)
Mark 2 (Litomysl Telc)
Bryn, Alsch, Mat and Iba, 1 each

Captain Oddsocks said...

And Michael, thanks for the offer of help with Bohemia. I may just take you up on it.

First priorities are to fix all the little bugs, add the daytrip guides and start gathering some links so people can actually find the thing.

Then, the next places I'd like to add are Mikulov, Plzen and the Cesky Raj, at least one of which is right around the corner for your old stomping ground...