Sunday, 25 November 2007

Where the Czech...? #14

The only hint I'm going to give this week is that I took the photo just before 5pm one day ;-)
Anybody know where it is?


Anonymous said...

A complete and total guess, but is it the main square in Olomouc?


Captain Oddsocks said...

Sorry Martin, it's not.

There is a white tower on the main square of Olomouc, but it's right out in the middle of the square, something similar to the layout of the main square in Krakow.

Thanks for commenting though :-)

Michael said...

Litomerice. Taken from the main square, just in front of the Hussite house.

Well, it is my side of Prague after all.

Captain Oddsocks said...

You got it, Michael. Fast and accurate as always, well done!

One from the south next week ;-)

Debra L. said...

I don't know if you are an expert on the Czech Republic or not, but thought I would ask! My husband and I have hired a self drive boat for September traveling from Pistany to Kralupy. Looking for info about places on the river Vtlava between those two locations. Any advice?