Sunday, 11 November 2007

All is white on St Martin's day

November the 11th is St Martin’s day and he arrived on his white horse this year. It’s been snowing heavily since early this morning and is showing no sign of letting up now. There are lots of sayings in Czech connected with St Martin, mostly predictions for the winter weather:

“Na svatého Martina zima svůj chod začíná’. – On St. Martin’s Day winter begins its march.

“Na sv. Martina kouřívá se z komína”. On St Martin’s the chimneys will smoke.

“Přijede-li svatý Martin na bílém koni, metelice za metelicí se honí”. - If St. Martin arrives on a white horse, there’ll be blizzard after blizzard.

And “Je-li na svatého Martina pod mrakem, bude nestálá zima. Je-li jasno, bude tuhá zima”. - If St. Martin’s is cloudy the winter won’t be much. If it’s clear, the winter will be tough.

Even the Czech meteorological bureau has been known to keep an eye on St Martin.

To me it really feels like the beginning of winter. The Christmas tree will be trucked into the main square any day now, the Christmas markets will be underway not long after that and then St Nicholas’ day is celebrated on the evening of the 5th December.

Guess it’s time I dug out my hat, scarf and thermos-bottle? Happy St Martin’s day!


Ian Transue said...

A happy St. Martin's Days to you and yours from our family here in Poland! Now time to go out and scrape the snow off our car here!

Captain Oddsocks said...

Thanks Ian,
Did you dig the car out OK? Hope you have your winter tyres on already!

Bull3t said...

That video is almost scary at the beginning, with just the footprints in the snow, haha.

Michael Svec said...

I loved the video. I lived in Olomouc for 5 months in 2005 arriving in February. During the first month it snowed every day! I loved your blog, thanks, it has brought back many happy memories.